New Orleans
Family Operated
Law Firm

New Orleans
Family Operated
Law Firm

The Bonin Law Firm is a family owned and operated firm in New Orleans since 1981

The Bonins practice in a range of legal fields including personal injury, car accidents, slip and falls, workers’ compensation, criminal law, and successions.

The Bonins also find importance in taking an active role in the community where we do business. It is not enough for us to be active participants in the legal community; we want to be active participants in the whole community. The Bonins volunteer or serve in leadership roles in community organizations where they often provide free legal work to people in need.

As client demands, technology, and economic conditions change, the Bonins have adapted with their clients to offer an ever-expanding range of services. Rest assured, one thing remains the same – The Bonin Law Firm’s dedication to providing our clients with excellent customer service and in-depth knowledge of law combined with our deep understanding of the community, spirit, and people of New Orleans.

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Bonin Law Firm

Bonin Law Firm,
“The Everywhere Lawyers”
est. 1981.

Alexandre, Christian, Jean-Marc, and the Bonin Law family are New Orleans born and raised. We represent our clients knowledgably and aggressively. Everything from car accidents to criminal charges and even wills and successions. 

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The Bonin Law Firm serves Parishes across the state of Louisiana:

Denise Amaya

Office Manager

Denise Amaya
Denise Amaya is the Office Manager here at Bonin Law Firm. She assists in all office duties but is also our medical records specialist and interpreter for our Spanish speaking clients. Denise was born in Honduras and moved to the United States at the age of six with her immigrant parents and sibling for a better life. She is half Honduran and half Filipino. Denise and her family originally lived in California, but they moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi soon after. Denise graduated from Pearl River Community College in 2017 and worked in Human Resources until she moved to Louisiana in 2019. Denise began as a receptionist at the Bonin Law Firm, but her hard work and attention to detail helped her rise quickly to Office Manager.