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Hurricanes destroy practically everything in their path, and property damage can leave you unable to put the pieces of your life back together. Most home and business owners have some type of property insurance that promises to cover everything. But unfortunately, your insurance company isn’t always willing to pay what you’re owed after a hurricane.

If you’ve suffered property damage due to a hurricane or tropical storm and your insurance company refuses to pay or is trying to nickel and dime you, contact the property damage professionals at Bonin Law Firm right away.

We have the experience and expertise to quickly determine how much you are owed and handle the entire negotiation process with your insurance company to ensure you deserve the compensation you deserve. If they don’t pay, we’ll fight them in court until we win—and you don’t pay a dime until we recover the value of your property damages.

There are some ways that you can increase your chances of recovering compensation for hurricane property damage.

Prepare for a Hurricane

Before the storm hits, there are some steps that you can take to protect yourself in the event your property is damaged in a hurricane.

Be sure your policy hasn’t lapsed. Always double-check to make sure that your policy is still active and know exactly what it covers as well as what your deductible is. If it’s lapsed, renew it immediately.

Get flood insurance. Many homeowners policies do not actually cover any flood damage, only wind damage. After a hurricane, most insurance companies claim that the flooding, not the wind, caused the actual damage to your property. You can prevent them from doing this to you by ensuring you have a flood insurance policy.

Take detailed photos of your property—both wide and close-up pictures of every inch of the interior and exterior of your home or business. Keep them stored online in case your computer or phone gets destroyed because you may need them as proof that the damage, in fact, occurred during the hurricane.

Be sure to do these things the right way, and you can increase the chances of a successful hurricane property damage claim when the storm comes.

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Navigating the legalities around your case can be overwhelming and exhausting. That’s why the specialists at Bonin Law Firm are by your side from the time you get your no-hassle, comprehensive consultation until you receive the compensation you deserve. No one provides the superior level of personal attention and care that the team at Bonin Law Firm does. We’re compassionate and attentive to your needs as well as help to understand the harsh reality of your situation. We don’t stop fighting until we know that your needs will be provided for throughout your life.

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